Steel Castings

BuyCASTINGS’ network contains a multitude of full service steel foundries capable of supplying all of your steel casting needs.

steel casting final product

Steel castings are used in a variety of end-use applications that require heavy-duty components. The castings are used in parts for railroad cars, pumps and valves, heavy trucks, construction and mining equipment, and power generation equipment. A good steel casting application requires strength and utilizes the flexible geometry inherent in the metal casting process.

Steel castings offer high mechanical properties over a wide range of operating temperatures. Further, cast steel offers the mechanical properties of wrought steel and can be welded to produce multi-piece parts, as well as large structures.
Designers should observe three keys to selecting the right steel alloy for optimized performance and cost. One, utilize the geometry of the steel casting to uniformly carry the loading. Two, start with carbon steel for most applications, modify the heat treatment and then add alloying elements to improve properties. Three, know the design limits for an application and work with a metalcasting facility (in this case us) to design the part and select a material.