Investment Castings

investment casting lost wax casting pour steel iron alloy

When looking for lost wax investment castings, companies of all industries turn to buyCASTINGS. buyCASTINGS leads the metal casting manufacturers' industry in product quality and rapid turnaround.

We cast a wide array of materials, sizes and configurations, with new alloys being added regularly. Choose from stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex alloys, nickel-based materials, brass, bronze and more. Each material comes with different advantages.

Precision Casting From a Time-Honored Investment Casting Process

The investment casting process can be used on castings up to 250lbs. First, a wax injection machine creates a wax pattern or prototype. Rapid prototypes can also be used which involves having a pattern created from a CAD drawing through building a tool! Prototypes or waxes are then assembled onto a sprue which carries the pattern through the remainder of the process. Next, successive layers of ceramic and stucco are applied to form a hard shell. The molds are then heated to remove wax and placed into a sand bed. From there, molten metal is poured into the hollow mold.

Finally, the ceramic shell is broken off and the castings are cut away, heat treated and perfected to meet customer specifications. This method ensures each part meets the products' dimensional tolerances.