Aluminum Castings

aluminum casting final product

buyCASTINGS is a full service aluminum casting supplier. Our network of foundries produces aluminum castings with reliability, high quality and superior mechanical properties.

Cast aluminum components are used for a wide range of functions, from decorative components, such as lighting fixtures, to highly engineered, safety-critical components for aerospace and automotive applications. Many different methods and alloys can be used to produce cast aluminum components. The choice of alloy and casting process plays a major role in the procurement process, affecting both component properties and cost.

Design engineers should begin the procurement process for cast aluminum parts by defining the three major factors that drive quality and cost – functionality (service requirements), design (shape and size) and production quantity. Each of these factors will have a bearing on the choice of casting method. Alloy selection and cost, as well as final component quality. Let buyCASTINGS help you to complete this process and make your casting buying experience a satisfying one.