Machining Services

machining steel iron alloy castings

Metal cutting and/or machining is one of the oldest processes for shaping metal components in the manufacturing industry. It is estimated that 15% of the value of all mechanical components manufactured is derived from machining operations. Despite the fact that metal castings can provide a near-to-net-shape they sometimes require minimal machining to get to the final tolerances. Because of this, buyCASTINGS offers a variety of advanced machining capabilities through our network of foundry experts and machining facilities that provide the latest technology in subtractive manufacturing methods.

In addition, buyCASTINGS utilizes these machining services to provide you with the finest quality and precision in producing custom tooling & dies for your casting solutions.  Be it sand, investment, permanent mold, and/or die cast, our expertise provides you with the best tooling value possible.  Contact buyCASTINGS to learn more about our machining and tooling capabilities for your next project!