Copper Based Alloys

copper casting final product

Cast copper alloys are known for their versatility. They are easily cast, have a long history of successful use, are readily available from a multitude of sources, can achieve a range of mechanical and physical properties and are easily machined, brazed, soldered, polished or plated.

No other alloy group has such a large range of chemical and physical properties. Although not every property is applicable to every alloy group  they are: good corrosion resistance, a large range of mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to  bio-fouling, low friction and wear rates, good castability, good machinability, ease of post-casting processing, and a wide alloy choice.

The choice of alloy and casting method (sand, permanent mold, die, or investment casting) determine the mechanical and physical properties, section size, wall thickness and surface finish that can be achieved. Each alloy and casting process combination results in a different set of properties.

If the metalcasting facility, buyCASTINGS, and design engineers can work together on the “raw” or ideal component, all options will be considered early in the design process, resulting in a design and component that can take advantage of the versatility that copper alloys offer.