Company's History, Inc. is located in Miamisburg, Ohio and was established in 1999 as an independent business-to-business e-marketplace for the metal casting industry.  The company was founded by experienced foundry professionals Bob Dzugan, President and Neil Chaudhry, Chief Operating Officer. Read more

Their vision was to create a win-win environment where buyers, designers, and engineers could come together as a collaborative community to take advantage of the efficiencies of e-commerce from a niche market on metal casting foundries, machining-tooling companies and other related suppliers.  The company became incorporated within the State of Ohio on August 7, 2000.

Today,, Inc. has developed into a diverse organization by providing sales, program management, and technology transfer services for both Commercial and Government related industries.  buyCASTINGS is committed to offering an unprecedented level of quality and precision when finding the right source through a qualified network of foundry and industry professional resources. buyCASTINGS is dedicated to meet the expectations and provide customer satisfaction through the offering of added-value services worldwide.

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