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Technology is changing so quickly that you may not realize what suppliers can be used for Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping) to your advantage. Rapid Prototyping is a process of joining materials layer upon layer. Additive Manufacturing is a term that brings several technologies such as SLS (Select Laser Sintering), SLA (Stereolithography) EOS Electro Optical Systems, Stratasys, Objet Geometries, and Z-Corporation to cover many applications. These technologies can be used throughout the entire manufacturing process. has a full service bureau of engineers with industry experience working in all segments of the casting industry.

In Rapid Prototyping tooling can be decided upon late in the development process therefore, causing expenses to run high leaving industry obligated to continue with the manufacturing because of the already incurred expenses. But, this can lead to a product that is "over budget" and possibly not cost effective.

With Additive Manufacturing the technologies that are available allows engineers to review the concept of the design, allowing design changes as necessary, thus, lower tooling costs and operational expenses. buyCASTINGS has the connection with state of the art industries to help bring an outstanding quality part that is cost effective for industries. They are a trusted partner and known for their proprietary software that has a global manufacturing network of over 900 foundries that spans the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and India and.

buyCASTINGS will facilitate communication with our partners allowing our experience to speak quality and satisfaction. Working with buyCASTINGS will help your industry reduce product development costs but still match your casting requirements.