Dinosaurs Still Roam the Earth

In the late 1980's when Rapid Prototyping began, known today as Additive Manufacturing, there were a few hard creatures that evolved as the first adapters of a new technology based on "STEREOLITHOGRAPHY". Over 20 years have passed and while it is not 20 BILLION years, the close knit and ever expanding industry refers to these early adapters as DINOSAURS.

Most people would take offense to being called a dinosaur, but not Bob Dzugan, President and Founder of buyCASTINGS.com, Inc.. Earlier this year in Miami, FL at the 22nd annual 3D Stereolithography Users Group(3D SUG) now the Additive Manufacturing Users Group, Bob was honored by his peers as a "3D SUG
DINOSAUR". He joins a select group worldwide of less than 50 professionals with this title.

Bob has been involved in the Additive Manufacturing industry since its inception in the late1980's. He used some of the first Stereolithography (SLA) patterns while at General Electric as patterns for metal casting. When Bob moved on to EMTEC, (Edison Materials Technology Center), he worked with the
University of Dayton and with a consortium of US companies using the 6th SLA machine that was ever made. Today there are thousands of these types of machines all over the world.

In one of the best books ever written on Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing: Fundamentals of Stereolithography, author Paul Jacobs called Bob a "pioneer" for being one of the first to inject wax into an SLA mold to make investment casting patterns. In the mid 1990's, Bob and buyCASTINGS' co-founder Neil Chaudhry actually owned several Rapid Prototype machines that they leased to foundries and service bureaus.

During that time period Bob worked being the "Johnny Appleseed" for the now very common "QuickCast" application of SLA. Bob would visit many investment casting foundries around the country providing "seed" funding to use this new technology. Nowadays, virtually every investment casting in the United States uses "Quickcast" as an important development tool.

Since attending his first 3D SUG meeting in Tampa, FL in 1995, Bob has attended every meeting and has been a regular presenter. He has built a reliable network of companies that can help assist buyCASTINGS along with its buyers and suppliers to achieve rapid results using Additive Manufacturing methods and metal castings.

Bob has been known to say that he may move like a dinosaur , but all those years of experience are at your disposal to make your projects quickly and successful.